Judge Dredd Megazine #412


Judge Dredd: The Red Queen’s Gambit 4

Written by: Arthur Wyatt

Art by: Jake Lynch

Colors by: John Charles

Letters by: Annie Parkhouse

This Judge Dredd story is action packed but often to its detriment. The pages are very crowded and the panel layouts seem to be jammed together. Not to mention the story has very little to do with the Red Queen actually, other then that the story is written well and the artwork has an old school feel to it but works to convey the action.


2000 AD DeMarco, PI: An Eye Part Three

Written by: Laura Bailey

Art by: Paul Williams

Letters by: Ellie De Ville

First of all, you lost me at black and white. And also that i have no idea what is happening in the story because this appears to be the end of a story and I haven’t read the rest of the story. Im not a fan of these multiple story compilations for exactly that reason. In the Story there appears to be a fight at first, things happen. Like i said i need to read the rest to really tell my opinion. The artwork looks cool but in my opinion i lose interest fast with black and white comics.


Diamond Dogs, Part Four

Written by: James Peaty

Art by: Warren Pleece

Letters by: Simon Bowland 


This story we do get a bit of backstory which i really appreciate. There is a good sense of character building and world building in this the art is also on point, and ties in to the overall theme of this book.


The Returners: Chandhu Part 4

Written by: Si Spencer

Art by: Nicole Assirelli

Colors by: Eva de la Cruz

Letters by: Simon Bowland


Nothing really happens in this story im lost without reading the first 3 installments. But the art is very good and draws me into the story


Anderson Psi Division: The Dead Run Part Three

Written by: Maura McHugh

Art by: Patrick Goddard

Colors by: Pippa Mather

Letters by: Annie Parkhouse


3 out of 5 stars

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