The Storyteller Witches 1

When her brother is kidnapped by a witch, a young princess
must venture into the mysterious forest beyond the castle. There, the Lord of
the Forest, an armour clad spirit who watches over the wilderness, comes to her
aid, but the princess must rely on her wits to discover who she can trust
before her family is cursed forever.
S.M. Vidaurri
S.M. Vidaurri
BOOM! – Archaia
As a reviewer I admit to certain fallibilities.
When you can sometimes end up reading 100 or so comics in less than a month and
certainly hundreds a year, your mind tends to shunt out anything that isn’t at
least some way different or unique. Even when you can admit something is
conventionally well written or crafted, you can baulk at reading the same
‘white dude finds himself’ plot that most indie comics seem to be offering up
at the moment.
Interior art from the issue
So this month I’ve been spoiled. Not only have
there been a profusion of new ideas, but the artwork for the comics themselves
has redefined the term jawdropping when applied to this particular medium. The
comic has a somewhat dubious connection to Jim Henderson and his work, but as
its so beautiful and primarily a story for all ages, I can ignore that. The
Storyteller Witches series seems to be not only creating great comics, but
making use of the comic layout in a way that feels like its closer to something
you would hang in a gallery than sell for less than a cup of tea at a train
People with some actual art education feel free
to point out if its inaccurate, but I guess part of its effect is seems that
Vidaurri has painted the comic with watercolours. For a comic, with a story
that’s more modern fairy tale rather than a spandex beat ’em up, it suits the
tone completely and means that anyone reading it couldn’t help but be enchanted
by it.
I suppose the only people I wouldn’t recommend
this to is people who like their comics ‘grim’ and ‘adult’*. But even then I’m
convinced this would win them over, its lightness of touch and sheer joy of
crafting a simple but effective tale being enough to overcome such put on
If you have young children, buy this for them
and I think you will have found your new bedtime story. For the rest of us, we
will just have to do with being content to unleash our inner one.
courtesy of Boom! Studios

Jim Henderson’s The Storyteller Witches #1 is available from Comixology o
r your local
*as in not really adult, but what teenagers
think is.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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