Jeff Steinberg, Champion of Earth #2

It’s time for Jeff Steinberg to knuckle down and learn how to be Champion of Earth—except his head’s not really in the game. Sure, his new Voltron-style mech suit is pretty sweet, and he gets his own alien badass trainer to teach him the ropes, and he’s in outer space! But he’s still hung up on his responsibilities—and girlfriend, Shelley—back on Earth. But hold up, now that all of Earth has seen their “great” Champion (and his not-so-impressive, uh, assets), are they even happy to welcome Jeff back?

Jeff Steinberg is one of those legitimately funny and subtly poignant comics that are an Oni Press specialty. With this second installment, JS has settled down a bit from the expositional scavenger hunt that was the pilot issue; now that we’ve gotten setting out of the way, we can get into the gist of the story. It’s significantly pared down, but still well-handled. A climactic mob sequence is hilarious. You actually end up loving the man-child ex-fratboy loser that is our protagonist; beneath this slacker-fantasy tale runs the terrifying question: If nobody believes in me, am I worth anything?

Final Verdict: 3 out of 5.

Jeff Steinberg, Champion of Earth #2 can be found at Oni Press and comixology

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