Jack the Giant Slayer

Note : When you walk into a movie called JACK THE GIANT SLAYER (originally KILLER) – you are pretty much guaranteed a great time unless SYFY threw it together just to fill their “we made some movies this year roster”. Yeah – that’s a message to SYFY to step it up on their SYFY originals. Okay, now I can do this review, just had to get that off my chest.

Originally slated to come out in 2012, whatever the producers of this were waiting for was well worth it.
This one is a well crafted and brilliant re-tooled vision of the Jack and the beanstalk story. Attention to details on the CGI with this one is so sickening is commendable even for people that hate CGI. Everything from the teeth and finger nails on the giants are excellently detailed and the sets are simply epic. Although I am a 3D guy, this movie probably didn’t need it to be great (although the rain effects and having a windmill thrown in your face, were pretty cool). Choosing to case Nicholas Hoult (X-MEN FIRST CLASS, WARM BODIES) was a great move and he does an amazing job as an un-assuming but brave Jack. Ewan McGregor as Elmont is probably the most likable character and Elenaor Tomlinson is credible if not capable in her role as Isabelle, the films leading female. JACK THE GIANT SLAYER doesn’t waste any time flexing its story telling muscles – but there is a slightly slow start for those just wanting to see non-stop action.
There is a pleasant surprise in this film as well, with the voicing and look of the lead giant General Fallon so be sure to check it out. It pretty much boosted this film into the MUST BUY category when it comes out on BLU-RAY or DVD if like me, you are still stuck in 2009.

SO do you take the family? Well maybe not kids below the age of 10 (just a figure, not a solid guideline) unless they are comfortable with the ideas of humans getting eaten by giants. Having said that, there is tons of action, humor and fun for just about everyone. For some this movie might feel a bit un-even switching from serious to humor to serious and back, but for me that was actually part of the charm for this one (agreeing, it doesn’t always work).

5 out of 7 : Definition – VERY GOOD This movie leaves you with that feeling that although everything may not be okay, girls can kick butt and one man can save the world with either one bullet left in the chamber or some special power he discovered 5 minutes ago. This movie is a good time and makes you wonder how many people you can tell about its awesomeness the next day at work.

Expanded Definition : Slightly less awesome than a “6” rating, this movie is well worth your time and skipping American Idol or the N.B.A. playoffs to watch. Having said that, it is not recommended that you watch any movie while the N.H.L. Playoffs are on because hockey rules your face, you got that. You also need to buy this movie on BLU-RAY or some higher format because not doing so will just mean you are cutting corners and real movie lovers just don’t.

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