Ivar, Timewalker #8

It all comes down to this! Ivar and his brothers – Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, and Armstrong – have led a suicide mission to rescue Neela Sethi and time itself. Now, as Oblivi-1 grows in power and threatens to destroy the very universe, they’ll make their last, dire, final move to save history. Will they do it? Well, the arc ain’t called “Saving History” now is it?! New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG) and rising star Francis Portela (The Flash) team up to tear down the walls of time!

Fred Van Lente
Francis Portela
Tom Brennan

As arc endings go, #8 of Ivar, Timewalker is a good one. Bringing elements of all the different story threads so far to one place, throwing them together and enjoying the mess, it concludes this stage of the story whilst setting for where events will head next issue.

It was also an issue that made me cry due to the feelings of loss I had for one of the characters. Without delving into too many spoilers, the villains win this time quite conclusively, destroying most of reality in the process and spelling doom for some of the leads readers have grown to care for throughout the comics run.

Does all of it feel earned? I’m not quite sure yet. I keep coming back to comparisons to Doctor Who with this series, but it’s impossible to avoid, especially in the issue. Ivar, Timewalker has built to a climax that makes narrative sense but still has a few unexplained plot threads. It could end things there and have a conclusive ending with several interpretations that would keep fans talking for years ambiguous. But it has to keep building instead, throwing out more and more mysteries that I’m not sure will every be answered in a satisfactory way.

Now that’s understandable in an ongoing series – the aim of the game is to keep a series running as long as possible after all – but it is those lingering plot threads that keep getting hinted at. Will they ever be answered? Like Lost, I’m thinking the response will be varied depending on how much fans like the series.

Onto next issue. At the very least I won’t know how they end it. Unless they decide to go the route the show runners did with The Wedding of River Song…

Cover image courtesy of Valiant Entertainment

Ivar, Timewalker is available from Valiant.

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