Ivar, Timewalker 5

Dr. Neela Sethi, the inventor of time
travel has been captured by her evil future-self (because…time travel) and
imprisoned at the end of the time! To save her from the threat of her own
future self, all hope now lies in the hands of Ivar! But even he can’t save us
What happens when history’s most jaded
time traveller puts together the best team he can find to save time itself? A
combination of his estranged family, including his immortal brothers, his
inter-dimensional enemies and a Bloodshot Nanite with one heck of an attitude
problem! And that’s just the start of history’s most unexpected saviours.
Fred Van Lente
Francis Portela
Tom Brennan
The start of a new arc in the ongoing
series, #5 of Ivar, Timewalker takes some time to gather itself before going
onwards. Though this doesn’t necessarily make for a great jumping on point for
new readers, it does allow for the series to catch its breath and refresh a
story that was threatening to become stale.
The issue divides itself almost perfectly
into two mini stories, one focusing on Neela encountering her future and the
other on Ivar collecting allies to ‘rescue’ her. This boils the characters back
to their core element; Neela being an inquisitive person, still open to
manipulation by those trusts and Ivar being, well, one of those people. Even if
he is a charming one.
The story around all of this seeks to
reinforce the key statement of Ivar’s, that time cannot be changed once certain
events are set in motion without serious consequences and that all actions have
unintended consequences. We see the results of that in the future, where future
Neela’s actions have destroyed everything but herself and those she controls in
the quest to ensure her creation in the first place.
It’s nice to have a new artist on the book
and in my opinion, trading Clayton Henry for Francis Portela was a significant
boost for the series art wise. Even just the small things like minor background
details and textures look better this issue and characters themselves look more
vibrant. Ivar himself finally looks like a slick bastard for the first time in
the series too. From the slightly arrogant smirk that’s always on his face, to
the way that his body language seems to shift slightly depending on who he
needs to manipulate, it’s nice to see his image finally matches the one his
actions had been creating in my head!
The only small complaint I would have about
the issue is that the Neela part of the issue felt more like an afterthought,
included to allow for some heavy exposition dumping rather than further her
actual storyline, which spins its wheels completely this issue. It’s a minor
thing, but even the artwork here feels less sure of itself than later on in the
issue when the same time period is included. Perhaps both Van Lente and Portela
were getting a feel for that era and those characters, but it’s just noticeable
that the second half of the issue seems to be tighter script and art wise.
A solid issue overall and a great refresher
for the series. Here’s hoping, with Portela bringing a fresh take to the
creative team of the book, it can go onto new heights.
Cover image courtesy of Valiant
Ivar, Timewalker is available from Valiant.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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