Ivar, Timewalker 3

Ivar, the man called Timewalker, has been
through ancient battlefields, political assassinations, the beginning of time,
the invention of time travel, the great wars, and the distant future. (And that
was only in the first two issues!) Now, he faces his greatest threat
yet…himself! What secret does THE TIMEWALKER hold that will unlock his interest
in Neela and flip our very definition of time travel on its head?
Can a man resigned to forever walk
through time truly make up for the mistakes of his past? And just who is the
mysterious sociopathic leader of Oblivi-1, and why does she have such an
interest in Ivar and Neela’s time traveling team-up?
Fred Van Lente
Clayton Henry
First up, a little warning; this review will
contain spoilers.
Continuing on from the shock ending of last
issue, Neela finds herself face to face with Ivar. Or so she thinks anyway, as
the opening few pages reveal the scarred lookalike is anything but. From then
onwards, it’s the usual; explosions, Hitler, meme-based humans from the 41st
century and time travel. You know, that yawn inducing stuff.
I kid. The best aspects of Ivar,
are just how much variety is thrown into each issue, as Neela
and Ivar stumble from problem to problem. This time, the story takes more time
to focus on our companion, due to Ivar being mostly incapacitated. We find out
just what she’ll do when backed into a corner and when the chips are down. It
turns out, pretty much anything, even if she later realises just what Ivar
manipulated her into doing.
The B arc from the first issue that saw a
future Neela trying to ensure her own existence comes to the fore here, as her
promethium robots finally catch up with the duo and set Neela on the course to
become her future self. It was nice to see that the writers have decided to
deal with this dangling plot thread quickly rather than dragging it out for a
few more issues. Though it could have been tempting to do such a thing, by
dealing with it now it indicates that Van Lente may be attempting to subvert
out expectations, especially as it was telegraphed so early on in issue one.
The artwork itself is probably the weakest
aspect of this issue. Like past issues, it’s something that is overall rather
average, but the variety of scenarios and unique characters thrown into the mix
mean I don’t mind that as much, with the colouring keeping the various scenes
popping, even if the linework is a little sloppy.
All in all, it’s a solid continuation of
past issues. Those who have enjoyed the series so far will want to keep
reading, but I can’t see this being the issue to jump on board for new readers.
Start with issue one and enjoy a story that may bear just a passing
familiarity to a certain Doctor, delivered with a smile and a knowing wink.
Cover image courtesy of Valiant.

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