Itty Bitty Comics: Grimmiss Island 1

The Volcano Goddess threatens the Mama Woogees’ tiny island! What can their creation Grimmiss do to stop this terror? Between an eye exam, a tough lesson in love, and stopping the Tiki Monoliths, there are lots of things for a little guy with a skull head to do! Tropical drinks not included.

The biggest amount of fun can sometimes come from the tiniest source.  When I say tiniest, this time I specifically mean Itty Bitty.  Many of you probably have seen and maybe even read other titles from the Itty Bitty world.  The first Itty Bitty Comics: Grimmiss Island is also my first of them, and it was a fun way to try them out.

Not based on anything else (that I’m aware of anyways), this silly tale starts off with the creation of Grimmiss, a curious little guy who loves all things hot.  The main object of his affection amusingly enough turns out to be the Volcano goddess of the island he’s born on.  His wild adventures stir up some ancient beings on the other side of the island, and things start to..well..heat up.

The fun and adorable story is paired up with equally great artwork.  It’s simple in it’s Sunday paper comic strip style, yet breathes so much life into the book.  The silly, cartoony art jumps out at you, and never falls short in being a vibrant half of the story.

While I’m not necessarily chomping at the bit for the next issue, I would have no problem sitting down to enjoy it given the chance.  I would highly recommend this as a book for parents with young children as a perfect geeky bonding tool.  Even those without, it’s just such a fun book that everyone could have a good time reading it.

For more on Itty Bitty Comics: Grimmiss Island or other Dark Horse titles, check out Dark Horse Comics.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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