Iron Man 3 — Another Take

I went to check this out with an amazing group of people. This part I highly suggest whenever you go to movies by the way if you can manage it. I suspected something might be up when the audience was so light and late arriving most of the day. Anyway, IRON MAN 3 starts off with probably the best 45 to 60 minutes of any of the 3 films. We are introduced to some potentially dangerous scientists and even more crazy villains who can use their bodies to burn through metal and grow back limbs etc, awesome stuff. Then however about half way through the movie, we are thrown a twist that I am sure will not only shock but massively disappoint anyone who reads the comics and quite frankly many who just watch the movies. Unfortunately it does not stop there. Iron Patriot in the film is just War Machine with a bad paint job (and to the films credit, they do make light of it), but that does not make it better. Most of the movie is a slap in the face to the comics while attempting to inject some credibility by introducing A.I.M. etc. As much as I hate to say it, too much of this film is a hot mess to the series and to be honest I found IRON MAN 2 more enjoyable from a visual perspective. At least in part 2 we got the real War Machine and our Black Widow introduction.

For casual fans who don’t read comics this film DOES have a ton to offer. We do get some exceptionally epic scenes with Pepper Potts that almost make me wish they would make a new series revolved around just her, they are that amazing. Ben Kingsley delivers in spades and is worth his weight in gold. I don’t blame him for the poorly written script or what they did with his character at all. There are also some pretty heavy messages in the film especially concerning Tony and his involvement with this kid towards the later half. We get some beyond awesome armor tech shots in this movie that make the first two films armor look like it was made from toothpicks. Additionally the first scene where Tony and Pepper are attacked is priceless, so overall we are left with a mixed bag here from an action vs story perspective.

If you read my reviews you know I am a hard core fan of films and it is hard for me to not just sit back and enjoy the ride. Having said that this movie only gets a 3 out of 7. Most people I know are in for a movie that leaves them feeling ripped off even if they don’t know the characters very well to begin with.
I think we all wanted War Machine and the Mandarin in this installment. What we get is something a lot different not necessary awful, just really hard to swallow after such an amazing first 40 to 60 minutes.

Rating Definition: – WHAT? This movie wasn’t what you expected. You can not decide if it was good or bad but you know there were a few redeemable qualities about it. If you can remember what they were you might be talked into seeing it again.

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