Interview with Judit Tondora

1. How are you enjoying drawing such iconic characters like Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman?

Honestly, this is one of the toughest challenges that I’ve ever faced but I really enjoy drawing these characters and this series. This is really fun work. The TV shows have their characteristic features and I must carefully stick to the given material by any means. However, I use a more cartoony style to help the flow, but I had to find the key features of all of the characters to make them recognizable without dealing too much with the artwork. Andy Mangels, the writer of the book, helps me a lot, actually, to create better and better looking pages. He has great ideas and gives me fantastic suggestions about the actions and the overall look of the comic.

2. To follow up on Question 1, what is the best and worst parts on working established characters?

The best part is the fun factor and the overwhelming attention and support that the comic gets from fans of these shows and these characters. They are one of the most supportive fan bases that I’ve ever seen. They’re amazing people who really like these heroines. But the worst part is… I don’t know. I mean I haven’t found the worst part. Yet. Hahaha! That is also helpful when I, or our team, receive bad reviews because that negative critiques also helps us to improve.

3. If you had your choice which iconic characters would you love to work on and why would you pick them?

I think Wonder Woman is in my blood. Haha! I feel very close to that character because of my life choices and mentality. I represent and appreciate those values she also supports. And I think that’s a good feeling to draw a character that is quite close to us. But I really like other strong female characters, like Supergirl or Catwoman, Birds of Prey is also fantastic and I like fun characters and teams, like Harley Quinn, or the Guardians of The Galaxy.

4. What is your favorite past work that you think deserves more attention and why do you feel that way?

I actually have two very cool but never published projects that deserve more attention. The first is the We The People, an independent series from Outlaw Entertainment. I was the artist of the 2-5th issues. They published the first book, which was created by Ric Villa, Joe Eisma and Jason M. Burns, but my work has never been published. This series is really funny and refreshingly adapts famous characters like Robin Hood, Sinbad and Zorro.

The second book is also a funny teen mystery, the Horsemen, written by Chris Carter. This was a hilarious book, too. I loved the first pages of it and I created pretty likeable characters and pages. I feel sorry for this series because it has so much potential, but the publishers haven’t paid attention to it.

And I have to mention our latest project with a lady writer, The Protectors. I’m working on the second issue of this book with my team and we just love the smooth and character based storyline of this book. The writer is E. N. Obiang, who adapts her The Special Ones book into a graphic novel.

5. If you could make yourself into a comic character, what would you be and what would your story be like?

Hah! Good question. I think I could use the powers of Doctor Manhattan. But I don’t think I’d use those to change the world, I mean this world that we refer to as “reality.” I’d rather travel to the edge of this galaxy and all of the different universes and see what’s there.

6. What are your favorite comics you’re reading right now and why are you enjoying them?

I’m a huge Saga fan. That is just a brilliant sci-fi masterpiece. I love the fact that it is actually a family drama but it is cleverly wrapped into the robe of sci-fi. That series is refreshing in every meaning It has fun, it has drama, it has love and family, it has adventure, war, peace, everyday problems and situations, kid and young adult issues. Literally everything. And Ghüs is the cutest comic hero ever. Haha!

And I’ve been reading Archie Comics since my childhood. Batman, Wonder Woman, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Guardians of The Galaxy are always on my list as well.

7. Following up on Question 6, what are you enjoying outside of comics and why?

I do yoga a lot. I needed something that helps me to stay in shape and keeps me fit because I spend a lot of time at the drawing table. I also think that the traditional yoga philosophy is very life-altering in a helpful way.

8. What upcoming work do you have coming up that you would like to share?

I have many plans and projects on my plate but I don’t wanna share anything right now and I’m also not allowed to talk about these upcoming works. But I share updates on my blog: and on my Facebook artist page: about the newest projects and upcoming publications quite often.

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