Infinite Seven #5

After the tragic events of last issue, Anthony “Smash Brannagan” Zane lies in a coma at the edge of death, while a friend from his past threatens to expose the Shadow Cabinet to the world, putting her in the crosshairs of the Infinite Seven! The status quo has changed, making this the PERFECT jump on point for new readers!

One of the more common ideas that seems to be attached to the life of a secret agent is that of being alone, cutting ties to a “normal” life. That’s hard enough for a grown adult to do, but imagine making that choice as a teenager. Of the many things that Anthony has been up against, this might actually be the toughest. Nothing is ever going to be the same from here on out for our young hero as we see in Infinite Seven issue five.

In the aftermath of the harsh ending to the last issue and arc, we jump back in watching the slow and emotional recovery Anthony goes through. It’s fueled not only by the memory of his lost teammate, but an apparent new found drive as Smash Brannagan. The changes we see in him as a character through this issue were brilliantly done, especially right at the end. With a certain friend from his past life getting to close, he rushes to save her, and in the end make the ultimate decision to realize who it truly is now. It was probably the toughest thing he’s ever done, and the way it was done was perfect.

Along with the mental and emotional shift in Anthony, we even see an adjustment to how he really has become Smash Brannagan. It’s a fairly subtle change in his character design, but enough to emphasize his transformation. Of course, we get a healthy dose of more action and plenty of bloody fists flying around as you’d naturally expect from this title. The style for the series did take a bit to grow on me, but after a handful of issues, the way it just fits the fluidity of the story flow works so well.

This was easily my favorite issue of the series so far, although I say that only being five books in. This was just such an excellent job with Anthony’s character and the way that he’s embracing some of the worst parts of his new place in life. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here, and with no risk of being beat up to get it, everyone should be reading this.

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