Infinite Seven #3

Anthony has done the impossible by becoming the newest member of the Infinite Seven, Smash Brannagan. But can he survive his first mission? Training Day gets a new meaning as Anthony and Washington track the Sandsnake to Japan!

Becoming an agent in a top secret group of elite assassins sounds pretty awesome, right? Perhaps, but not if it was a life forced upon you, especially as an average teenage boy. Even so, the unwilling young Infinite Seven member will need to learn fast in issue three.

No sooner does Anthony aka Brannagan join Infinite Seven is he sent off on his first mission with fellow member Washington. Their target is Sandsnake, a cybernetics enhanced member of Chimera. Refusing to use a gun again, Anthony relies on his wits once more to incapacitate the villain. Or so he thought, with Master Zhen making it to the scene and finishing Sandsnake off for good.

Ok, now we’re really getting into the real action stuff with the art in this new chapter. Although it took til just after the midpoint, the fast paced scenes ended up being worth the wait. Can I also comment now on the hilarious blatant parody of Bruce Lee that Master Zhen is? I will anyways, because they were drawn so accurately, and amusingly so.

While Anthony is just getting started, he is at least showing he can sort of hold his own. He hasn’t died yet, so that must say something right? We’ll see how he fares going forward though. Fortunately, there’s much less risk involved in picking up this book, so casually head over and buy it.


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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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