Indiegogo Spotlight: The Paperback Hero Saga

Hey all! I bring you this week’s Indiegogo/Kickstarter of the week by request! Unfortunately, there weren’t any graphics that I could use, so instead, I bring you the words of the man himself!

My name is Mason Parker. I am a hip-hop MC, spoken word artist, actor, and content producer. In 2012 I conceptualized “The Paperback Hero Saga” as a response to the monotony of the mainstream. Often times in pop culture, the best way to educate is to entertain. With the music industry quickly becoming visual, I viewed it as an excellent opportunity to introduce my comic book to help illustrate the themes discussed in my music.

Now that the project is complete I need you to help me get it to the masses. This project has been a 6 year journey, taking thousands of personally funded dollars, and even moving clear across the country in order to complete. I have put my EVERYTHING into this project and so at this point I proudly present the product of my passion hoping to garner the sincere support of others wanting to perpetuate the love frequency in the art we create and consume. I truly believe this project will change lives for the better. Please help me touch as many people as possible.


If you’d like to help Mason’s dreams come true, go check out his Indiegogo!

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