Imposter #1

Hale Barker has just learned the world’s biggest secret – that every single hero who’s ever existed has been the work of only one man. That one genius figured out the best way to fight evil was to create an opposing force for every danger. But now Hale Barker has to replace that man. From the crime vigilante Centipede to the interstellar Captain Apex to the sorcerer Dr. Oculus, Hale Barker will impersonate heroes of all genres and try not to drowned in the lies it takes to be an Imposter.

This book is a bit of a confusing jumble, showing several different worlds, apparently simultaneously. Once the reveal of the book comes, that makes a lot more sense, but it’s a very confusing start; it feels like the reader has entered in the middle of something, and we’re not sure what. I think that’s a pretty deliberate choice, but it isn’t my favorite approach.

That said, the premise of this book is really intriguing. The idea that one person is many different heroes all at once isn’t something you see a lot – and the passing of that torch seems like such a gamble in the context of this book that I’m really interested to see where it goes next.

The main character here is a detective, Hale Barker, who seems to be following the hero around. We don’t get a lot of idea of Hale’s character throughout this set up. We get a lot of idea of the urgency that surrounds all the events (in several worlds, no less), but there’s very little character development. The story moves at a decent pace, not too fast to keep up, but not too slow as to bore, and that is the book’s real strength.

Unlike a lot of indie titles, this book doesn’t try to be cute or funny. It manages to be serious without being ridiculous, and I appreciated that.

The art falls into the “gritty comic art” style, which works for the book, though I’d prefer if it were easier to tell characters’ faces apart.

If you like darker hero comics (Daredevil, Batman), then I would recommend checking this indie run out for yourself.

4 out of 5.

You can purchase this title here when it releases.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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