Imperium #7 + 8

Toyo Harada is the most powerful mortal man in the world. To build his imperium, he has collected monsters. Now he comes face to face with a god. Confronted by the unfathomable depths of the man who is no longer a man, who can only be called Divinity, Harada plunges his mind into infinity. Can even the unstoppable Harada survive the fall?

Joshua Dysart
Scot Eaton
Valiant Entertainment

Receiving two issues of this series at once has become a bit of a boon when it comes to Imperium. For a series that is so heavily plotted out in arcs, to be able to read several issues at once means I can see character development more clearly and see where it is going.

As is, the series continues to be gripping; especially now we are getting storylines from the view of Harada himself. For a man who is one of the big players in the Valiant Universe to find himself in a situation he can’t control, displaced in time and slowly tracing the route back to when he first encountered the being Divinity an interesting complication is added to his plans.

As a narrative device, it also works well, with initial confusion giving way to clarity as we chart ourselves back along a timeline that only ourselves, Harada and Divinity are privy to. Action of the cerebral kind gives way to another kind, but our focus is always on the mind games that happen between the two.

It gives us an insight into the frustrations of someone who has aspirations to save the world but who is also willing to do morally reprehensible things for it, Harada believing himself just as he butchers innocents and tries to bring a powerful being under his dominion with no regard to that beings own wishes.

To a degree he’s right, but the central core edit of the series – how much wrong can you do to make a right? – is being served, showing us how those people who want to change the world aren’t always exactly ideologically pure.

A gripping comic from start to finish, both issues serve as a mini arc as well, typing off the divinity storyline. For now anyway…

Recommended reading.

Cover image courtesy of Valiant Entertainment

Imperium is available from Valiant.

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