Hunger Games : Catching Fire

I just watched the first
installment of this soon to be 3 part series a week ago and to be honest I
think it only added to my experience in watching this one. I am a dude and I
freakin balled my eyes out at least 3 or 4 times in this one just having grown
to love the characters and the incredible odds they face. Once again a stellar
cast launches us into Panem’s version of the Empire (Star Wars fans will get
that) and this one just never really lets up. Just when you think this arena
can’t get any more crazy, CATCHING FIRE explodes with creativity and amazing
shot after amazing shot.
Story line wise I haven’t
read the books so all I have to say about that is what I always say. If you
want the book, read. If you want a movie with the same title of a book you
read, see the movie. Do not expect the movie to match the book. If you want the
book, read. Read the book. Okay, hopefully that clears things up. In this one
Katniss pissed off the capitol so much they decided to hold a Quarter Quell
with former Hunger Games champions to basically rub it in the face of the
districts who have since started rebelling against the Empire…no wait, the capital.
Oh and President Snow is still a big jerk.
LIONSGATE didn’t pull any
punches bringing in the talent bringing in Philip Seymour Hoffman and anyone
who casts Jena Malone and gives her any lines at all, not only wins, they crush
it. I wasn’t in love with Jennifer Lawrence back in her X-Men FIRST CLASS days
but has completely won me over since. Oh just a tid-bit for fans. MOCKING JAY
(HUNGER GAMES 3) parts 1 and 2 are filming now. So we get 2 more movies not
one. Thank you LIONSGATE.

solid 7 out of 7. Seriously solid film making here down to the last detail. Rating
Definition : STUNNINGLY BRILLIANT, this is a movie that should get
consideration for your TOP 20 favorite films of all time. This is the movie
that you couldn’t wait to see and skipping 4 meals last week made it worth it
to fork over the theater price for admission, then repeat the process 17 more
times. Then you will send letters to the theater manager asking why they don’t
show the movie for years after its release.

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