Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse 1

Unknown actor Michael May gets his big break starring
alongside a laundry list of A-listers in a new Hollywood superhero blockbuster.
But Michael’s good fortune doesn’t last long when a zombie outbreak hits during
the script reading party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  Now, Michael is thrust into the role of
leader when celebrity zombies begin attacking the unsuspecting cast and
So, zombies have invaded real-world Hollywood and it doesn’t
end so well for a lot of them, the celebs I mean.  A satire on Hollywood culture, the series follows
a no-name actor into the heart of the celebrity scene and boy is there a deluge
of name-drops.  You’ve got everyone from
Shia Lebouf to William Shatner, all making their appearances the only way they
can.  Now the ones that survived the
initial outbreak, must band together if they hope to make it through the hordes
of zombies.  It’s up to the unknown
Michael May, who’s recently been tapped to play the lead in the new League of
Defenders movie, to guide his co-stars to safety and to keep his friend Chris
out of trouble.
I have to admit, the initial dialogue felt a bit forced and
it was a little hard to get through.  It
starts off with the tired image of the male gamer getting schooled by other
gamers much younger than him.  It then
moves on to poke fun at the various celebrities that were pulled in to make
appearances, feeding off of the buzz and hearsay from the media.  As the book goes on, the writing gets a
little smoother and easier to stomach, but despite the parody, it just felt
like yet another zombie story.  That’s
just it though, the media has kind of become oversaturated with zombie lore,
that it gets harder and harder to discover a potential diamond in the rough
because there just so much of it out there. 
Before The Walking Dead made zombies big again, this book really could
have flourished, but now it just feels like another one to add to the
pile.  The writing is solid and
consistent and the artwork by David Lorenzo Riveiro is a great addition to the
narrative, but in my opinion, this book just doesn’t stand out amongst the
rest.  Justin Bieber does get ripped on
quite a bit though, so if anything, there’s incentive right there to pick up
this issue.
With Hollywood in peril, how will the up and coming Michael
May survive his first gig in the lead role to save humanity?  The streets run red and so do the carpets in
the first issue of Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse. 
So, pick this one up before it gets lost amongst the shuffle.  See what I did there?  For more info on where to find this issue, visit
the Zenescope website, or the Zenescope Facebook page.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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