Hollow Girl – Behemoth

Hollow Girl 2 Cover

Demon possession in reverse. The nearly departed possessing the willing and able to do good in this life. Why not!

Written by Luke Cooper
Illustrated by Luke Cooper
Published by Occult Press, a House of Hartsoe imprint

Parental caution on my part: severe firearm violence, demonic possession, blasphemy.

This is a lovely black and white demonic horror story and second in the series. Which unfortunately mean I never read the proceeding Hollow Girl story. Apologies where that affects my interpretation of the story.

Ellie and mom fall afoul of the satanic clan of fellows up to no good. Mom, cracks up trying to avoid a goat head character. Their car is wrecked and mom dies. The baddies have laid a plan to sacrifice Ellie.

Mom is drawn into Hollow Girl.

My advice to Luke on this round—The wording needs one more edit. It’s a fine point but one that pays off.

There is a singular preachy word bubble that knocks me out of belief, just when I’m in the groove. Later, mom is swearing like a sailor and delivering some Batman level ass-kickery. Where did she level-up? I have to guess Hollow Girl delivers on the goods here but again I lose suspension of reality.

A great way to deal with is just introduce Hollow Girl to us newcomers.

On the art, I hate it when people use the word dynamic. It means they can’t deliver art critique. With Hollow Girl being limited in expressions, I think the other characters do need to be charged in their emotions even when idling.

The POV needs a different angle tracking with the page design, occasionally to escape from a flat too-folksy feel.

Luke is a kindred spirit in that everything you read or see in this indie book is all him!

It’s a buy for me as I’m secure in my theology and I can dig a little violence.
4 of 5 demon maggots.
Ask for it in your local shop or go to occultpress.com
Lonnie Webb

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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