Hex The Lost Tribe

Los Angeles — From the mind of Keu Cha (Witchblade, Rising Stars) comes a fantasy unheard off. Join Keu Cha this February as he uncovers a once great land, now steeped in darkness and decay.

The project of HEX started off with a Preview sketchbook and limited Lost Issue
and due to the amazing support of fans at the shows and through the
online store it has kept Keu´s dreams alive and allowed them to get to
this point – the completion of the long anticipated first issue of Hex,
ready for the presses.

As Keu says: “The goal is to stay independent and self publish the
entirety of this series. Self publishing is a huge undertaking and the
challenges have been many. The past 2 years have been a long learning
curve on managing all aspects of a comic book project that included
finding the right team, traveling to comic conventions to promote the
project, making the right business connections, and money. We did all of
this on a shoestring budget financed out of our own pocket.”

One of the reasons that it has taken longer than expected to get the
first issue done is that Keu has had to work other jobs to finance Hex
and support his family, thus he has not been able to focus all of his
time on the book.

And Keu continues: “Our plan is to solicit the book through Diamond
to reach the main steam comic book stores but it takes a few issues in
the can, pre-ordered and paid for before we see any returns. All funds
from Kickstarter goes directly to completing and printing the first few
books. Specifically, it will cover the costs of talent, production,
printing, and promotion.”

And that is where Keu is reaching out to fans at this Critical Moment via Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2101706991/hex-the-lost-tribe

With the first issue done and the script set for the following
issues, they need at minimum the first 3 issues completed to meet
solicitation guidelines and ensure that the books will be released
timely once they are solicited. The more funds they raise, the more
issues they can publish and eventually get to a place where the series
is self-sustaining through retail sales.

There is no way Keu can make Hex an on-going series in comic stores if this adventure does not meet the goal amount and more.

Please visit the Kickstarter page (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2101706991/hex-the-lost-tribe)
and see the exciting and exclusive opportunities to own a special
oversize edition, variant covers of the 1st issue, limited edition
prints, original art and access to Keu Cha!

Bear witness to the visual testimonies and continued support of comic industry greatest’s like Joe Benitez (Lady Mechanika, Weapon Zero, Soulfire) and Randy Queen (Darkchylde).

A synopsis of the HEX THE LOST TRIBE shows the true fantasy setting of this new world and its aspiration:

A vast legion of undead soldiers, amassed from the remains of
generations before, ravage the land. They are lorded over by an
ambitious necromancer who will not stop short of domination over that is

LANA, princess of the last Kingdom to fall before this unholy army, must
flee her home and travel into the black heart of the growing necropolis
that the rest of the realm has become. Out there amongst the ruins lies
perhaps the only chance for the world’s salvation: the mythical,
mysterious Lost Tribe, a forgotten band of powerful woman warriors and
their beastly companions.

Lana will come face-to-face with RUYN, the monster that has long
haunted her dreams, a being consumed by his own uncontrollable rage.
Does this creature hold the key to saving Lana’s people or will their
encounter unleash an ancient evil capable of destroy creation itself?

Keu Cha drawing at his art table: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAodWAhLEaE

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