Hero Cats 5

Everything has been building to this!  Secrets are revealed as the masks come off.  The Hero Cats must defend the home front as Galaxy Man unwittingly returns to his observatory with an infestation of space bugs.

We’ve seen time and time again that the superheroes who do all they can to protect us can be pretty much anyone.  They could be your friend, your father…or even your cat!  The last person, or animal, that you’d expect could be the one saving you, just like we see in issue five of Hero Cats.

The fearless feline team brings Cassie back home, just as the long away Galaxy Man arrives there.  It is then that she is shocked to find that all this time, her owner and Galaxy Man are one in the same.  Trying to find out more about him, the team stumbles upon a giant cluster of space bugs that hitchhiked back to Earth.  During the effort to stop them, Cassie is surprised yet again when she realizes who Cosmic Girl is, filling this chapter with all sorts of reveals.

All of the wonderfully adorable cats have stayed just as cute throughout this series and that remains true.  That fact aside though, the artwork as a whole really shined in this issue, most especially all the action scenes.  It was also really nice to see more visuals of the human superheroes, even if we secretly still love the kitties more.

This title has always been so fun to read from the beginning, and it keeps on getting better.  This was in my opinion the strongest issue so far, so that’s a great sign that it will continue to grab your attention.  I still feel like this is an excellent title to bring readers of all ages into the comic fold, and is still a great buy for everyone.

For more information on Hero Cats, check out Action Lab and Hero Cats Comic.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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