Herald 3

A botched break-in attempt of the Athenaeum Library ends at the barrel of a gun as Cthulhu Cultists interrogate Lovecraft and Tesla while looking for their own copy of the Necronomicon. In Rome, two old men approach a young artist to discuss the nature of sacrifice.

For so long there has been a face off between the hard facts of science and the beliefs of anything supernatural.  Who ever thought that two of the biggest names from each side would end up working together?  I certainly didn’t, but I’m sure glad that the third issue of Herald continues to make that a reality.

Lovecraft and Tesla have been caught red handed trying to snatch away a copy of the Necronomicon  by Cthulhu Cultists.  They have no patience, no mercy, and have split up the two in an effort to get their ways.  Fortunately, the crafty mind of Tesla manages to get both himself and Lovecraft out of the situation.  At least for now, as they now have the cultists on their tail.

The artwork still keeps up the good quality it started with in the first two books.  I’ve really enjoyed following along with the visuals of this adventure, especially having the likeness of these two illustrated so well.  There were some fun “special effects” portions in this issue as well that were done nicely.

Things got pretty rough early on in the series and have only gotten more challenging for the pair in a short time.  Between the two, Tesla was the more prominent “hero” in this chapter and I’m sure we’ll see more shining moments for both as the story continues.  I was pretty much hooked from book one, and would gladly mention this as a new grab to most anyone.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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