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Ok, we don’t actually know that the TMNTs are currently hiring. This could be an old sign. We recommend that you double check before dropping down any manhole covers. However, we do know someone that is! Us! That’s right, Geek-o-Rama is looking for one, possibly two new reviewers to join us.

Not sure if you would be a good fit? Take this little quiz and let’s find out.

Q1: Do you like geeky things?
Q2: Do you have a solid grasp of the English language?
Q3: Do you like to share your opinions with anyone who will listen?
Q4: Do you have a few hours each month that you can dedicate to reviewing geeky things?
Q5: Do you like pizza?
Q6: Are you willing to write reviews for nothing more than the joy of sharing your opinions and receiving the review materials?
Q7: Would you like to see your name “in lights”? Well, the lights of a computer screen anyway?

If you answered yes to those questions, you fit! We are currently looking for people who love geeky things and who want to share that love with the world. Currently, we are only looking for part time staff members. What does that mean? Here is the position description from our Contributor Guidelines.

Everyone loves a doodler. Doodlers are those who submit on a semi-regular basis but don’t have a regular schedule for submissions. They may be reviewing, handling event coverage or writing about a topic that just appeals to them. To achieve this level of contributor, a person must submit at least one post a month to the site.

What we’re looking for is either 1 person who can handle up to 3 posts a month or 2 people who can each do at least 2 posts a month. Never reviewed before? Don’t let that stop you. We are more than happy to show you how it’s done and to hold your hand through the first couple until you get the hang of it.

Think you might be interested? Fantastic! Simply send an email to letting us know where your geek passion lies and that you would be interested in telling the world and we’ll be in touch!

Edit: 11/13/12 : Due to an overwhelming response, we are closing our help wanted. However, if you are still interested in being a contributor, we do accept submissions on an ongoing basis. Please send any reviews or articles to the above listed email address.

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