Heirs of Isildur #1 & #2

It’s double issue time with a steampunk time traveling watchmaker who goes on a storybook journey that only you can decide to attend!

Heirs of Isildur #1 & #2
Written by Matt Knowles
Illustrated by Javi Japarra
Lettered by Matt Knowles
Editted by Stephanie Cannon
Published by Insymmetry Creations

Synopsis: The watchmaker Professor Mykal Isildur enjoys operating his timepiece shop but slips into occasional flights of fancy. Told in a steampunk setting, he has become slightly dissatisfied with his daily routine as it will leave no legacy. Mykal’s life has made no mark on the world. One day he wanders of and finds a cavern that he cannot explain–because is has metal door buried in the ground preventing entry. With some breaking an entering, Mykal eventually discovers the cavern can travel in time.

Walking through a comic shop, I would pick this up just on the cover and I like Matt’s take on the storytelling genre for what it is. The pace and the lettering, however, are draggy and uncomfortable. The story drags because too many times the story retells itself. Pages are burned on the mundane events (like explaining a key) and rolling introductions of characters with amnesia. I think this is not a comic format story–it would work better in a children’s book as told and drawn.

At the end of Issue #2 I am not sure I know what the tale is about. I’m willing to keep exploring the cave with the story, but I don’t know why. From the editorial view, I would tighten the story way up.

The introduction of suicide opens the door to something I hope is big and meaningful in the next issue. Telling that dark of a chapter really does cancel the option for a kid book.

Javi’s illustration fits with the genre just fine, combining steampunk with storybook styling.

This minute, I don’t know this is a buy unless you are looking for a storybook or fairy tale.  I am giving it an underdone 2½ stars of 5. Let’s look forward to Matt’s issue #3.

Lonnie Webb

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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