Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica #1 Review


Written: Paul Dini & Marc Andreyko
Drawn: Laura Braga
Colored: Tony Avina & Arif Prianto
Lettered: Deron Bennett
Publisher: DC & Archie Comics
Hiram Lodge is concerned about the youth of today, especially those in Riverdale. He is
concerned about their future and continuing education. So Mr. Lodge has decided to purchase
swamp land to transform it to Lodge University which will offer free college to the students who
could not afford a regular university and surrounding the campus will be a shopping center as
well. This announcement has attracted attention to Mr. Lodge and Riverdale; unfortunately, this
attraction is from Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Ivy is determined to stop the development of the
swamp, so under disguise, they set their eyes on Riverdale. Meanwhile, Veronica is preparing
for the costume party for her father, Mr. Lodge, and has recruited students from Riverdale High
School. Of course, Archie, Jughead, and Betty are involved with the preparations; the battle of
finding a great costumer is on between Betty and Veronica. When Ivy and Harley crash the
party, they are (pleasantly) surprised by Betty and Veronica.
In the year of strange crossovers, this is the first issue of Betty/Veronica/Poison Ivy/Harley
Quinn. Paul Dini, who originally wrote the character of Harley and Marc Andreyko from “Love Is
Love” join forces to create a rather enjoyable story. This is definitely a more modern Betty and
Veronica, they openly despise each other and they both fight for Archie’s attention. Then you
have the dynamic of Ivy and Harley, this is the first comic I have read where Harley is the voice
of reason, to an extent and I appreciated it. Ivy has her mission and Harley is along for the ride.
The dialogue is fun and believable.
The team of Laura Braga, Tony Avina, and Arif Prianto are really good on this issue. I love the
drawing from Braga; it is very clean and well detailed. She has given a new look to the
Riverdale gang to keep in line with Ivy and Harley, Gotham looks like a hop, skip and jump away
from Riverdale. Colors by Avina and Prianto give it is almost magazine glossy look, the use of
light is used more than the shadow but I like it. I hope they are the team for this series.
All in all, I enjoyed this and I want to know what crazy antics Ivy and Harley have for Riverdale!
For a beginning series, I give it 3.5 stars.
You can find this comic and the series on www.DCComics.com



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