For the rare and immensely powerful subset of humanity known as psiots, their unique abilities have come with an enormous cost. Once, their existence was known only to a select few. Now, the revelation that thousands of these latent telekinetic “harbingers” secretly live among us…with the potential to be activated at any moment…has led the American government to a dramatic tipping point…

Armed with new extra-governmental authority, the deep-black military contractor known as Omen has been authorized to identify, evaluate, and, if need be, eliminate all super-normal threats to the homeland. H.A.R.D. Corps units have been deployed into cities and towns across the United States to enforce their orders.

In the East, one of the most powerful minds on Earth, Peter Stanchek, is leading his band of Renegades across the country, activating any potential psiots willing to join them, and building an insurrection force of ultra-powerful and unwieldy new abilities that will soon bring war to Omen’s doorstep…and the unstoppable force known as X-O Manowar raging back to Earth…

In the West, Livewire – the telekinetic technopath with the ability to bend machines and computers to her will – will be forced to choose between her former allies…or her newfound team of Secret Weapons. As the situation escalates beyond human control, the United States will be plunged into darkness from coast to coast, launching Bloodshot and Ninjak into a dangerous mission to neutralize their one-time teammate – and setting the stage for the most shocking, most violent, and most consequential clash of powers ever witnessed in the history of the Valiant Universe!

And so…the unstoppable X-O Manowar enters the fray!

From East to West, the nation has been cleaved down the middle as Livewire’s defensive attack on the U.S. power grid envelops America in darkness and sets the stage for the biggest clash of powers ever witnessed… On one side, Peter Stanchek’s ragtag team of Renegades – alongside their newly activated army of untrained and wildly unstable psiots – ready themselves for an unsparing firefight with H.A.R.D. Corps and the agents of Omen. On the other, Ninjak and Bloodshot prepare to enter Livewire’s domain inside blacked-out Los Angeles. But as the casualties pile up and the losses mount on both sides, none of them will be ready to confront the full fury of raw power personified as X-O Manowar makes his long-awaited return after a year of self imposed exile among the stars…and delivers a single concussive strike that will send shockwaves across the whole of the Valiant Universe!

The most powerful Valiant event attempted continues in full force with another seismic chapter as New York Times best-selling author Matt Kindt (X-O MANOWAR, Mind MGMT) and superstar artist Tomás Giorello (X-O MANOWAR) unleash X-O Manowar on a world he thought he’d left behind…and fire off the next brutal volley in the coast-to-coast clash of comics icons that will leave no hero unscathed!

Writer: Matt Kindt

Artist: Tomas Giorello

I do apologize for all the copy and paste of the ad copy but this is a major line wide crossover for Valiant Comics so there is a lot going on.  That said, even just reading issue 2 of a sequel event I was able to follow along fairly well.

But then Valiant has always been interested in exploring the themes first introduced in the X-Men.  In Valiant’s original incarnation they also touched on evolution of man, of mutants or as they called them Psions.  Of a new race with powers that truly frightened and threatened the old human race.

And Harbingers War 2 continues that long plot thread that Valiant has played with.  Unfettered by having such iconic characters like Marvel’s X-Men, Valiant is able to push the envelope more and explore of the “What Ifs” of such a scenario.  Sure the X-Men have gone back to the themes that made them famous, but they’re more trapped by corporate crossovers and such where a smaller company like Vaillant has more room to play with their characters and world.

Now on the art, I know comics love to play with the painted look, but sadly in this case it becomes too muddled and dark.  But as a look over the art and the credits I wonder if it’s the typical issue of doing colors over pencils and having several artists make for an inconsistent look.

I know I rant against colors over pencils a lot but that’s because every time I see it done it’s not done well.  The only time I’ve ever enjoyed the practice was years ago with the Xterme X-Men, and I think that only worked because they had top flight artists and colorists to make it work.

But I digress.  If you are a fan of the current Valiant universe you should definitely check this series.  Even if you are a fan of the old Valiant, you’ll find plenty of characters and themes you used to enjoy in this series.  Also if you enjoy old X-Men stories, you may find this book enjoyable as well.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 for being so accessible despite how deep in the Valiant continuity it is.

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Disclaimer:  Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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