Harbinger: Faith 0

Her first and only boyfriend to date is a little bit of a
douche, her friends are all gone, and, after her insane adventure in Mexico
City, Faith Hebert is feeling a little frustrated with the direction of her
life. She’s just a normal super-powered young woman in an increasingly crazy
world. Here’s the story of a true innocent and kind heart in a hard world. From
the comic shop of her youth to the moment she found out that, despite her
weight, she was actually light as feather.
Although female superheroes aren’t a rarity, their
masculine counterparts are still the majority. 
While the leading role in this book may not normally be the star, she
definitely was here.  It was nice to see
that be the case with Harbinger: Faith, even if only for this zero issue.  It was also a great way to learn a little of
this series I previously knew nothing about.
This one-shot does a wonderful job of both giving a good
introduction to Harbinger, as well as providing an origin story for one of the
main characters.  Faith Hebert was
practically destined to become a superhero, and once she realized she had
powers like so many of the characters she read in comics, she found her
calling.  After unfortunate events with
the Renegades, Faith and her superpowered boyfriend split off, but find that
problems follow them no matter what.
Although it doesn’t speak to the art directly, I first
have to comment on my appreciation of Faith’s character design.  The choice to make her anything but the typical
centerfold model was greatly appreciated. 
As for the artwork itself, everything felt very real, even being based
in a world of fiction.  The linework and
colors were consistently great throughout, with particular applause for the characters.
Those who are already fans of the main Harbinger series
will likely enjoy getting an origin story for Faith.  Without any prior knowledge of the ongoing
story, certain details mentioned here may be slightly confusing.  Otherwise, this was a fun quick read and
certainly wouldn’t be a bad title to pick up.
For more on Harbinger: Faith or other Valiant titles,
check out Valiant Entertainment.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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