Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

So last night was actually my second time watching this movie if that is any indication of how I feel about it. The premise starts with a boy being taken up into space by a ship after a tragic event in his life. That boy becomes STARLORD (also Peter Quill played by actor Chris Pratt whose been most doing TV stuff) one of the most famous 3rd or even 4th tier comic characters in the Marvel Universe. That is right, no one being honest knows a lot about GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY unless they’d been reading comics from the way back machine (or maybe this year because of the re-launch by MARVEL). Anyway this film has just a ton going on but the main point is that everyone wants this orb and will do just about anything to get it. A villain named RONAN THE ACCUSER is pretty freaking pissed at an entire race and wants to blow their planet off the face of the universe. Yeah, I said “the face of the universe”. I don’t want to give too much away but none of the group he teams up with is all the reputable until the entire universe is at stake and ROCKET, GROOT, DRAX and GAMORA along with STARLORD are now all that stands in the way of RONAN just destroying everything he sees. Well I shouldn’t say they are “all” that stands in the way of RONAN, but they are definitely “all” that can actually do anything about him.

All around we get some amazing performances Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Lee Pace especially. I am a huge Karen Gillan fan but in this one she is more a very effective secondary character than someone charged with carrying the movie. There are a few goofs I spotted the second time around, ie just after the Gamora in space scene, but overall this thing is just flat out refreshing.

Triumphs : Rocket is probably the one who steals this show but there is plenty of character to go around. Gamora winds up extremely likable, we love Peter Quill and Drax has some lines that just have you almost wanting to roll on the floor with laughter. The sets and CGI are all top notch and we get a really fun space adventure that rivals or maybe even beats SERENITY. In my opinion it was better than AVENGERS and everyone that knows me knows I loved that film, like seriously loved it. Groot is also great in this in spite of his extremely limited vocabulary. One scene where he meets this girl on NOWHERE is one of many touching moments in this film that just offset things enough to make it something quite incredible. I also can’t even write a review without mentioning the awesome mix of music in this movie. Unlike STAR WARS which many will compare this film to, we are given sweeping nostalgia and a under layer of retro that amplifies the feel and sentiment of the movie.

Challenges : My son has probably heard enough cussing from others by now to brush off some of the terms in this movie and I did see a lot of kids, but in good conscience I would say BIG HERO 6 is probably going to be more suited for younger children. If they have seen the Transformers installements you are probably okay here also. Some people are probably inevitably going to take issue with Rocket’s sense of humor and mortality for most of the film. He does soften late in the film but for those of you how love the PC environment…you might want to turn the sound down for most of this one.

I give this movie a 7 out of 7.
Rating Definition : SPECTACULAR GENIUS THAT MAKES OTHER GENIUS’s THINK THEY ARE UN-CREATIVE, this is a movie that if you skip it will actually lesson your life span and make your skin dry out. Yeah, I am serious. These films end up on the scale of epic-ness that even giving it a 7 out of 7 seems like a small number. It should be more like an 8 out of 7 sending it straight into the arena of mathematical impossibilities!!!!!!

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