Groo: Friends and Foes 1

Each month of this yearlong series, Groo and his faithful pooch, Rufferto, encounter a different acquaintance–or enemy–with the usual dire consequences! In #1, Groo crosses paths with Captain Ahax, the seaman with the world record for most ships sunk by the all-time stupidest character in comics!

Once again, I come across a title that I never read in all the years of reading comics.  Granted, it’s pretty much inevitable to miss a handful of long running titles.  I may have even run across this in my early years but just don’t recall it.  Either way, with the first issue of Groo: Friends and Foes I have this one notched off.

In case you are like me and have never even heard of Groo, to put it simply, he is a simpleton.  An idiot.  Like they say, the “stupidest character in comics”.  The first adventure in his new series has Groo searching to seek new lands and folks to appreciate him and takes to the seas.  Unfortunately for Captain Ahax, his ship is the one which catches Groo’s eye and the stupidity never stops from port to port.

As a comic hailing from the 80s and not changing styles, it is basic and straight to the point.  Even so, this classic old school that Sergio Aragonés uses is one you can’t help but appreciate.  It’s one that for folks old enough to recall it will definitely reminisce and feel like a kid again.

Stories like this generally last this long for good reasons, in this case the slapstick entertainment that has lasted decades.  Groo is a basic, fun story to get a good laugh out of to fill up a lackluster block of free time.  I don’t know that I’d run out and grab these regularly, but I had a good time reading it.

For more on Groo: Friends and Foes or other Dark Horse titles, check out Dark Horse Comics.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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