Gronk: A Monster’s Story Vol 4

The latest, full-color volume of Katie Cook’s popular webcomic, Gronk! This new installment has never been in print before and is coming to Action Lab as a brand-spankin’ NEW book! Follow Gronk and her friends’ adventures for another silly, fun, weird year. Like cats? This book has ’em. Like dogs? We have those too. Like tiny green monsters? Look no further, you’ve found your new favorite book!

Whenever I get hooked on a series after the fact, whether it be a TV show, anime or comic, sometimes I just binge.  It has honestly been a test of willpower to not jump over to the ongoing webcomic and read more.  I’ve held off so far, and for that reason, I could still appreciate all of the fourth volume of Gronk: A Monster’s Story.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first few volumes, as did my daughter, and couldn’t wait to break into this one.  Every little story is another great addition to the ongoing fun that is Gronk’s life as we follow along.  Many an amusing bit about lack of coffee, fun with food and why walking cats is rarely a thing all made me smile and even laugh out loud.

If by now you either haven’t read any of Gronk or any of Katie Cook’s work, this is just as good as a book as any to start with.  Even in its Sunday funnies simplicity, every mini story is full of life with the artwork.  You come to love every single character and their wonderful designs are naturally a big part of that.

I like that they even threw in the FCBD issue at the end, yet another me and my daughter enjoyed.  The greatest thing about collections like this of a webcomic is you have no worries about missing continuity.  So even if you’ve never read Gronk, you can quite easily jump into this and love it, and should do so as soon as it’s out.

For more on Gronk: A Monster’s Story or other Action Lab books, check out Action Lab and follow along at Gronk Comic.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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