Gronk: A Monster’s Story Vol 3

The third volume of Katie Cook’s popular webcomic, Gronk: A Monster’s Tale, is here! Full color and jam-packed with funny, follow Gronk and her peculiar clan through another year of misunderstandings, friendship and adorable mayhem.

Not every monster has to be a snarling, terrifying beast that fuels nightmares.  Granted, it’s not often that they’re adorable, loving misfits from the world of monsters.  Lucky for us, that’s exactly the kind we get to spend time with in volume 3 of Gronk: A Monster’s Story.

I’ve been lucky enough to share a good amount of geeky things with my now teenage daughter, who can still appreciate Gronk comics.  What’s not to love with this cute little character and her adoptive family with all the hilarity that ensues.  There is never a dull moment, a lesson that doesn’t get learned by Gronk or even Dale.  Gronk and her innocence in the human world always provides good material for fun.

With all the action and violence out there in comic world, Gronk is forever family friendly.  It’s the kind of art that makes every little adventure worth following along with.  Bright, vibrant, strong illustrations and colors that will likely never disappoint.

These collections have so many things you can relate to and laugh with.  If you’ve been looking for a good book to share, even if it isn’t with your children, this is a winner.  There’s bound to be plenty more to collect, so get on it and start your own right away.

For more on Gronk: A Monster’s Story or other Action Lab books, check out Action Lab and follow along at Gronk Comic.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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