Grimm Tales of Terror Vol 3 #1

The power of invisibility has long held appeal for man. To disappear and do whatever you want unseen by another person’s eyes…could any man turn that down? The newest volume of Tales of Terror answers that very question…and terror is the operative word in this story.

We’ve all at least heard of the tale of the Invisible Man in one medium or another. Of the many powers that you could have, invisibility is definitely one at the top of my list. In the first issue of volume three, Grimm Tales of Terror puts a new invisible face on the H.G. Wells classic.

After taking part in an experiment, Tom takes the money and goes right back to his gambling. Later that night though, he realizes the invisibility experiment actually worked. Starting small, Tom’s new thievery scheme escalates to revenge on the casino boss that’s taken thousands from him. When he goes to finish it off and the antidote kicks in early, his final plan does not end well.

My time with this series has been on and off, so I can’t speak to the artwork as a whole. As with previous one I read, there’s nothing that stands out, good or bad, so all around solid. I did particularly appreciate the inclusion of H.G. Wells’ name on the standard cover.

The majority of the book was pretty good, but I honestly did not like the ending. It spent all that time building up to “I’m visible now and now I’m dead”. Other than that, this is a decent for the collection if you like this retelling series.


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