Grimm Tales of Terror – Vol 4 Issue 1


From shocking twists on classic literature to brand new takes on modern day urban legends, this terror-filled series re-imagines the creepy stories you know and love for a new generation of readers.

After the arrival of a new teacher and student to their school, three teenagers find out that some urban legends are better left unexplored and could be deadlier than they could ever imagine.

The events of this issue tie directly into the upcoming feature film.


Joe Brusha


Sean Hill

Babisu Kourtis (Pgs. 13-23)


Fran Gamboa with J.C. Ruiz

Valentina Cuomo (Pgs. 13-23)

Spoilers in Review

This overall comic feels disjointed from the story to the art.  The major gist of the story is easy to follow.  3 teenage boys and the “new girl” talk about all the horrible urban myths at the school.  What doesn’t make sense is things like why this issue is titled New Teacher, while it’s actually about the new girl.  Then there is also the ties to the unusual Principal and this new student.  Like they mention names but those have no real meaning in the context of the story.

Seeing the mention that this issue ties into an “upcoming feature film” that maybe the back story makes more sense if you see that. Previously they did a short film for the series Robyn Hood –

On the art, the first art team is does a solid job but the second one isn’t as good as the first one so it kind of doesn’t mesh as well as it could have.

Last note is that it’s kind of tasteless to have a book with sexy variant covers when this is basically a revenge story on 3 guys who raped and murdered their old teacher.

So the main plot works fine, if a bit darkly, but it’s the nagging details surrounding it that leaves one confused.

I give this comic 2 out of 5.

If you wish to read more about this book go to –

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