Grimm Tales of Terror #13

The famous urban legend of the man who wakes in a bathtub only to realize his organs have been stolen comes to life in this insanely twisted new horror story from Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha!

For those jaded readers of the opinion that Zenescope had become a one trick pony recycling the same characters over and over again a la other well known publishers, this is your wake up call. This is the final issue of Volume One of Grimm Tales of Terror and boy did they go out with a bang! The whole waking up in a bath tub with one of your organs missing is an old one, that has been done to death in movies and television, but I guarantee this one will breath new life into the old urban legend. I will not say more for fear of ruining the plot twists, but it is a guaranteed thrill ride. Terror has never been sexier.

The writing on this issue is fun, quirky and full of twists taking us back to the great horror comics of the seventies. There was a nice balance of dialogue, narration and action which is always a tightrope walk for a single issue horror story where the reader needs to be introduced, intrigued, and pleased by hook at the end. I also liked that the art felt a little edgier than Zenescope’s usual fare. The art team also used a nice blend of page layout tricks and lettering changes throughout the book. I can not come up with a single complaint about this final installment, go out and get it as soon as it hits the shelf, you will not be disappointed.

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