Grimm Fairy Tales: Holiday 2013

The holiday season approaches again which means Krampus is
up to no good.  So, when Robyn gets an
invite to a party being held by Sela, you just know it’s going to be crashed by
Krampus.  Join Sela, Robyn Liesel
VanHelsing and Red Riding Hood for a Christmas party unlike any other, as the
forces of evil are out for blood and their target is one of the guests.  From the cantankerous cranium of Pat Shand, the
2013 Holiday Special shows off Robyn’s true Christmas spirit.
Like most of Zenescope’s holiday specials, this one is
divided up into several smaller stories that revolve around a main one.  And with this being a Christmas tale, you
know Krampus is out for blood.  Although
this time around Krampus is targeting one of the main female protagonists of
the Grimm Universe, I feel as though this story structure is getting a little
“old-hat” so to speak.  It’s great that
Krampus’ story is being developed with each holiday installment, but it would
be cool to see more of a giant-sized Christmas epic instead of having it broken
up so much.  However this isn’t just a
story for Krampus, this is Robyn’s Christmas story.  We get to see her out of her element, no
enemies, yet, no vengeance, just Robyn trying to act casual at a Christmas party.  Nice change of pace for her and some great
character development here.
I definitely enjoyed the overall story.  Had a great time watching Robyn struggle
through Sela’s party.  This really has
been the only time she hasn’t been running from the law or hunting someone, or
something, down, so rather interesting to see how she handles herself in a
social situation.  I’ve become quite
enamored with Robyn ever since Pat introduced her to the world and it’s been
great watching this character develop into something so awesome.  Robyn’s character development aside, this
issue has a nice mix of art styles that help each little sub-story stand
That being said however, I think I’m forever going to have a
problem with Zenescope’s inconsistent use of a single artist per issue.  It works alright with this special edition
given the way its set up, but I see this far too many times with their regular
books and it just bothers me.  Hey, some
people may enjoy the variety, but for me personally it just doesn’t sit well.  So, aside from that and a “it’s been done”
story structure, I really did enjoy this issue.

So, comes to close another year in the Grimm Universe
and as usual, all is not well.  Pain and
death are around every corner this holiday season and only Sela and crew can
put a stop to it.  So, grab your blanket
and your sword, lest the Krampus sees you gored.  Fix yourself a Christmas snack then wait for
the attack.  Pick this up and then you’ll
nestle with the 2013 Holiday Special. 
For more info on where find this issue, visit the Zenescope website, or the Zenescope Facebook page.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer under no pressure from Krampus…we think.

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