Grimm Fairy Tales Genesis: Heroes Rising

The greatest heroes in the Grimm Universe are rising to defend us from the forces of evil. Filled with 5 action packed, one-shot, feature stories on the most popular Zenescope characters. 32 pages of story with no ads!

To totally put it out there, I’ve been a lot more out of the loop on the vastly expanded Zenescope universe than I was a few years ago. There seems to be quite a few more characters and titles added lately and more likely on their way. In the next Grimm Fairy Tales Genesis one shot Heroes Rising, we take a quick look at five of those heroes from these books.

The pages of this book are as promised filled with nothing but story of five Zenescope characters, even if they are really short ones. The first shows us Red Riding Hood recounting and defending her actions from a recent mission. The second lets us into the dreams of undead summoner Mary Medina and a mysterious invitation from someone offering to stop them. Story three takes us Hellchild in a fight arena of sorts, seemingly the underdog but ending up easily taking the fight by the end. Four stories in shoots over to the land of Oz and what appears to be the beginnings of the reign of the Warlord for said world. Finally, we see Death doing what she does best rightfully taking the lives of two merciless murderers.

Each of these five mini stories were not only written by various folks but also drawn and colored by different talent as well. All five had fairly similar presentation of the popular characters, but of course with their own particular sharp flair. Fluid pencils and luscious colors a plenty fill the short span of each tale and make for a nice looking one shot as a whole.

Not having read the first one, I gather that these are primarily being offered up as good starting points for new readers. For current and regular Zenescope fans though, they seem to be nice short burst bonus content to add to your collection, which I’d say is accurate. If either of these reasons are enough for you, go for it, otherwise these mini offerings may not be enough to get you buying.


For more on Grimm Fairy Tales Genesis or other Zenescope titles, check out Zenescope.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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