Grimm Fairy Tales 100th Issue

“It’s hard for me to believe we are getting ready to publish
our 100th issue of Grimm Fairy Tales. It seems like not that
long ago we publishing issue #1 and then trying to figure out how we were going
to find enough fairy tales to make it to issue #25. It’s been a blast writing
and planning the series and seeing how it has evolved over the last eight
years. As excited as I am to be publishing issue #100, I’m even more excited
for the direction the series is going to take in #101. It’s going to be a great
jumping on point for new readers and I think current fans are going to love it
even more. The best way to describe I can describe it is Harry Potter meets Buffy the
Vampire Slayer

– Joe Brusha, Zenescope co-founder and co-writer of GFT #100

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