Gretel #1

Gretel 1 cover

Previously, I was critical that Grimm Universe Presents did a horrible job hammering us with Gretel but no introduction. This comic book is that introduction.

Gretel #1
Writen by Ben Meares
Penciled and Inked by Allan Otero

Colored by Ceci De La Cruz
Lettered by Maurizio Clausi

Editor Kellie Supplee

Published by Zenescope Entertainment, Inc.

A caution to parents, this is not a fairy tale that you should buy little Sally.

Ben Meares takes us back to the abduction of Hansel & Gretel and explains her obsession with eating hearts. There is a lot of narrative exposition prose in our first real introduction to Gretel. I would prefer to be shown more of what we are told about.

Costuming Gretel in impossible attire in eras almost 300 years gone by, the artwork pretty much skips over the virtue-signalling joke that was recent comic book cover-recalls(Spider Woman and Bat Girl come to mind). Like every comic really does. Let’s overrule any objection because sex sells. Bare midriff, thongs, and strapped underthings. Let your conscious be your guide.

I am confused about some art/script inconsistencies beyond costumes. We see scenes of her extended life through time as drawn by Allan Otero. In 1969, Iowa apparently suffered the worst drought that had ever seen, if the art is to be believed.

At another point Gretel “keeps seeing a truck” in a vision, but this wording must have been added after the fact because the art doesn’t reflect the caption box.

There’s good to be found, there’s weaker. This series is five issues long. I think we can give them some grace and see what comes. I remain on the fence with this one.

Let’s call it at 2 ½ of 5 stars.
Look for it in your comic shop or got to Zenescope online.

Lonnie Webb

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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