Greatest Birthday Giveaway Winners Announcement!

We want to start out by thanking everyone who entered! It was so fantastic to see those numbers climbing and knowing that all of you were coming to the site and checking it out. That being said, we could only have 9 winners and the magic winner grabber chose those last night. Don’t worry though. We had so much fun with this giveaway that we can guarantee there will be more in the future!

In no particular order, our winners are….

Brian ‘Scar’ Belanger

• Wonderland Variant Covers from Bluerainbow Online

Angela Roy

• Prints by Brian ‘Scar’ Belanger
Rex Zombie Killer
• Christmas Fire & Sketches from Ross Demma Art

Ross Demma

Soul Chaser Betty
The Abominations of Science
The Ultimate 7 Vol. 1 & 2

Justin Armstrong –

Big Dog Ink Variant Covers
• Rex Zombie Killer

Colleen Morgan Wurster

• Prints by Brian ‘Scar’ Belanger
Angelwolf Comic
• Buttons from N.A.S. Studios
• Quantum Conditioning from Ross Demma Art
• 2 Books from Dusk Comics

Shawn Enge

• Paragon of Animals*
• Indie Comics Magazine (Donated by Rob Anderson)
• Shakespeare Shaken*

Salem MacGourley

• Prints from N.A.S. Studios
• 2 Books from Headmetal Comics
• 3 Books from N.A.S. Studios

Dougald Beaudoin

• Dusk Vol. 1 and 2 (Dusk Comics)
• Soul Chaser Betty
• Prints from N.A.S. Studios

Danielle Dougherty

• Jungle Book Trade from Zenescope Entertainment
• Thief of Hearts 1 and 2 from Studio J Comics
• Ursa Minor 1, 2 and 3*

Congratulations to all of our winners! Katrina** should be emailing all of you within the next week or so to get your addresses for mailing purposes.

* These prizes were donated by the staff of Geek-o-Rama.

** There may be a slight delay in emailing the winners due to Katrina going to Austin to cover the Wizard World Convention there this weekend.

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