Giant Days 3

Following a night of “mild abandon,” Esther finds herself singled out by the vile collegiate mansite
“Laddzone.” When the university authorities are less than helpful, she vows to take down this cyber institution!

Well, like I said previously, the challenges never end and college is no exception.  This new enemy that enters the mix is an unfortunate reality, in both school and out.  I’m sure there will be plenty more for the trio in Giant Days, but this third issue is probably going to be on of their worst.

Although this series sets three young ladies as the focus, the focal point tends to be Esther.  That is even more the case here, as she finds herself the target of a terrible female rating site created by a fellow university student.  Trying to go about it the mature way with school administration is of no help.  Luckily, Esther has some pretty amazing and craft friends who help her get revenge with style.

While this issue didn’t have any of the hilarious scenes of flu induced hallucinations, the artwork was still great.  Where a series like this has no real action, it still does a nice job of being very lively in it’s illustrations.  This is very true with the constant emotions, which always come right out, even without words.

The situation that was dealt with in this issue is a serious one, but was approached in a lighthearted way this series does well.  I’ve been having a really fun time following along with all the adventures of these college newcomers.  Just a few issues in and I can see this being a good title that readers should keep up with.

For more on Giant Days or other Boom titles, check out Boom! Studios.

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