Ghost Town

They do
this for the people, to give them back the power.
In an
age where corruption and greed are the letter of the day for the U. S.
government, one group has taken it upon themselves to finally say enough is
enough.  They call themselves the
American Reclamation Front and they are willing to do whatever it takes to wipe
out the overwhelming influence of a government gone wrong.  Action Lab brings you Ghost Town: Ground
Zero, a thrilling new tale, from co-creator Dave Dwonch, of a revolution that was
started with a time machine.
the most politically driven comic I’ve ever read, or at least that was
blatantly obvious to me.  Ghost Town:
Ground Zero brings up a lot of what’s wrong with society today and comes up
with some rather bold solutions to these problems.  America is no stranger to political protests,
but one group has taken it to the extreme of outright terrorism.  The thing is, this group that calls
themselves the American Reclamation Front, isn’t committing these crimes for
their own benefit, but for the good of the United States as a whole.  It’s strange seeing a terrorist group that
doesn’t hate all Americans, but in a way, kind of works for them. 
Dwonch gives us a nice take on what an American terrorist group, consisting of
Americans, would look like.  The ARF
knows what needs to be done in order to properly take down and rebuild the
government that’s been driving the populace towards a third world country
status.  A very realistic take on what
could happen if people finally got fed up enough with how things are being run,
minus the time machine of course.  I for
one, have found this book rather enlightening. 
It’s definitely opened my mind up to the issues at hand.
fact, my mind’s been opened up so much that I had no qualms with anything.  Amazing writing talent that kept me hooked
(I’m usually more of a superhero, beat-em-up, kind of person, so this was
really well done),  and some solid
artwork by Justin Greenwood really brought this whole thing together for
me.  If this is the quality that Action
Lab puts out, then I’m becoming a fan. 
Town: Ground Zero is an exciting trip through an all-too possible future.  The terrorists finally win and it’s actually
for the benefit of the American people.  However,
if you’re reading this, please don’t go out and weaponize time machines to
further your cause, it just ruins them for everyone else.  So go out and pick up your copy of Ghost
Town: Ground Zero, otherwise the future is looking rather bleak.  For more info on where to find this book,
visit the Action Lab website, or
the Action Lab
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, opinions and time machines are those of the individual reviewer.

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