Gentle Carmel

Gentle never meant to rise from school punching-bag to Mexican hobo and desert-dwelling superhero.
That fate was sealed when he sided with the water creatures.

Beat-up at school for autism and haunted by a
mysterious Hag at home, Carmel
just wants to draw, shower and do stand-up comedy. But when he sneaks into Mexico to find
and murder the Hag, everything changes. He eats delicious fish, rides the
rails, climbs peyote mountain and transforms into flames. 

Artist and author Brian Schrank lets loose in
this epic journey that bobs, weaves and bursts with experimental energy.
Influences range from 80’s cartoons, underground comics, shlock horror, cheap
manga, and pop culture iconography. Brian blends a dizzying range of styles
together to tell the tale of a boy who has a broken mind but an unbroken

Hopefully I haven’t
lost you quite yet, because there’s still a review coming.  This is without a doubt one of the most
unique things I’ve read.  Or perhaps I
should say “read”, as Gentle Carmel is more a visual adventure than it is one
you enter for a story.  Granted, there’s
probably a story present, albeit not one that was completely able to gather.
It should have been
obvious from the title that this was bound to be an unusual book, but I can’t say
I was quite prepared for this level of weird. 
Normally if I’m left confused at a story, it’s because I jumped into a
series in the middle or just didn’t understand the direction.  This time I’m just confused.  Then again I could be trying too hard to get
a logical story out of something that wasn’t meant to.
Artistically, I
won’t deny that I was thrown off at first when I started into this.  As I went on though, the artist in me grew to
appreciate all of the different art that the book was full of.  All of the art has a very raw look, and can
from a sketchbook feel to inner city graffiti. 
At some points it’s simply an explosion of color, while others manage to
produce some really cool visuals.
If you’re looking to
check out a completely nonsensical book with cool looking art, this would be
for you.  Story wise it really made little
sense to me, but there’s always the chance someone else might have more
luck.  It was a fun journey, and if you
feel up for the trip, then give it a whirl.

For more information
on Gentle Carmel, check out Gentle Carmel.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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