Geek-o-Rama’s Geeky Gift Guide

Over the next 6 weeks, some of our favorite Geek-o-Rama contributors will be sharing pieces of their Christmas wish lists with all of you. Not sure what your favorite geek wants? Hopefully this will help give you some ideas. Up first? Justin!


Are you a geek? Do you have geeks in your life and you wonder what you can possibly get such odd people for the holidays? Look no further! Here are my suggestions for 5 gifts you or your geek might enjoy.

Item 1: I’m a big fan of Dr. Who and especially of the bad guys. One of the finest of his reoccurring bad guys are the cybermen and their repeated refrain of DELETE! What better gift for your geek than a CTL-ALT-CYBERMAN t-shirt?  Available from ThinkGeek for about $20.

Item 2: What better way to mix Dr. Who and another geeky passion, muppets! Here’s another t-shirt, this one with lovable Dr. Grover.  This Near….Far T-shirt features our favorite blue muppet and our favorite blue phone box.  Available from RedBubble for $25.

Item 3: What’s more geeky than tinkering with stuff. What’s geekier than engineering? What’s geekier than the good old Erector set! I used to have these as a kid and I built mighty objects of metal and they stretched to the sky! Those of you outside the USA might have had Meccano sets. Mostly the same thing. James May built a bridge over a river with these things! Price: $39.99

Item 4: A death ray. Ok, not a death ray, but the Wardenclyffe Tower in Long Island, New York was where Nikola Tesla was working on creating free power for the entire world. Learn about Tesla and maybe donate a few dollars in the name of your geek to help restore the lab of the original mad scientist. And, by the way, he was working on a death ray at the time of his death and the US government confiscated his notes on the project.

Item 5: Know how when you get a new computer, you can’t figure out how to get your stuff off your old one? Know how much of a pain it is to have to deal with multiple external hard drives? Well now you can have this.
It’s plugs right into your USB port and then you can plug any SATA drive into it and viola! An external drive. This also works with laptop SATA drives and those are small enough that you can practically keep 3 in the front pocket of your jeans. Price: $36.99

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