Geek-o-Rama’s Geeky Gift Guide Part 3

1. Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side [Vault Edition] [Hardcover]
Price – $99.99 (
Having gotten a similar product like “The Jedi Path” , I can’t pass up the opportunity to bring balance to my bookshelf.  Much like “The Jedi Path”, “Book of Sith” comes in a special container-case that harbors the book along with a number of removable Sith “artifacts” (7, actually). Once opened, the motorized case operates with authentic lights and Star Wars sounds to reveal the book to you. With hidden secrets and madness of the Sith Order hidden inside, “Know thy enemy” has never been more dangerous or fun!

2. Galactus Maquette
Price – $799.99 (
Standing under just 3 feet tall (33 inches), this amazing feat can wow even the most cynical person (even if they aren’t indoctrinated in the menace that is The World-Eater).  You can even complete this scale awesomeness by attaching a herald (Nova or Silver Surfer).  Now the whole world (or at least your household) will tremble before the might of Galactus!

3.  Star Trek Electronic Door Chime
Price – $29.99 (
Ok, how about one that *doesn’t* make your wallet cry, but is still awesome? I present to you: The Star Trek (TOS) Electronic Door Chime!  Operating on still-viable 20th technology, you can now hear the authentic *Swoosh* sound you remember from watching The Original Series in your childhood (Or reruns.  Or Netflix.) It also has the “Red Alert” sound and the “Communicator Whistle” sound.   One step closer to actually living on the Federation’s flagship vessel!

4. Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium
Price – $169.99 (
Who wouldn’t want the stars at their command?  Set this baby up and enjoy the soothing motion of the stars (which you can set to rotate at 1 revolution per 10 minute period) and drift off to sleep (and you can set the auto shut-off nap timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes) to dream about the possibilities that lay just beyond our galactic borders.

5. The IT Crowd(Seasons 1-4)
Price – $24.98 each (
I love the IT Crowd (I’ve described it to my friends as “British ‘Big Bang Theory’”).  The writing was always wonderful and the series as a whole has too many quotable moments to count.  I listed the seasons as being separate because there’s no reliable place to buy a “Complete series” box set that will work in the US, but you can buy each season individually with no issue.   This show hits on points that the geekiest of us can enjoy! (I personally loved scanning the set every episode for new desk toys, books and posters which were usually donated by fans of the show).

Ross Demma is a part time contributor and full time awesome guy from Tucson, Arizona.

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