Garfield: Unreality TV

It’s showtime in this second original graphic novel of Garfield! The infamous Fat Cat thinks Nermal is annoying, but he has no idea what’s in store as he becomes a contestant on a reality TV program. Join Garfield, Odie, and Jon in a series of all-new adventures from legendary Garfield and Friends show writer Mark Evanier, ongoing Garfield contributors Scott Nickel and Antonio Alfaro, and New York Times best-selling cartoonist Judd Winick (Hilo).

If you look hard enough, there’s probably a good comic out there for everyone. Whether you want horror, action, humor, or whatever your desire, there’s got to be something. When you want simple, classic fun, you go for something like Garfield: Unreality TV.

The second new collection of Garfield stories starts out with him and even Odie bouncing from one adventure to the next inside the world of TV. Next up puts Garfield and Odie in the detective seat in order to stop a sneaky crew of actual cat burglars. Wrapping up the full stories we see Garfield in a rotten lasagna induced nightmare where he turns into a kaiju sized menace.

Like the first original graphic novel, the initial stories had artwork like that of any Garfield story you’d read. Similarly, it had a different style for the third one that was very different. Again, it’s not anything that bothered me, especially being a shorter story.

It’s really neat to see Garfield still getting new stories with these recent graphic novel releases. He’s a character that has and will appeal to the general public for decades. There’s bound to be more coming, so check out this in the mean time for your funny feline fix.

For more on Garfield: Unreality TV or other Boom titles, check out Boom! Studios.

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