Garfield #35: His 9 Lives Part 3

The trip through Garfield’s 9 Lives continues, as Brittney Williams illustrates a tale of Garfield’s adventures as a Golden Age Superhero in “Super Cat,” while Andy Hirsch brings us the story of Garfield’s days as a Private Eye in “Sam Spayed.”

Taking a bit of a trip through time to things from your childhood is always a fun way to break up all the usual.  One of the most iconic characters in the world of comics and cartoons, and from my childhood is Garfield.  Now it’s time for the third part of his own trip through time with Garfield #35: His 9 Lives Part 3.

Breaking into the 20th century with two more of Garfield’s previous lives, we begin in the 1930s, the Golden Age of comics with his Superman parody life as Kip Klutzford, mild mannered copy boy.  Jumping just a decade up, we then follow along with his former existence as Private Eye Sam Spayed during the crime noir era.

The first story of this book kept a generally close resemblance to classic Garfield.  The second half though took on a completely different feel, save for his face markings.  Even so, both that version in black and white and the opening half did a good job illustrating the lasagna king.

Just two more of his past lives are left in this run and it’s been a fun one so far.  This issue by far was my favorite, as the stories were based in some of the most fun settings to put him in.  I will absolutely want finish up with part four when it comes out and think these stories are an enjoyable read for practically everyone.

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