Garfield #34: His 9 Lives Part 2

“His 9 Lives, Part 2” Our trip through Garfield’s 9 Lives continues with two more all-star artists! This month, Roger Langridge (The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow) brings us The Fat Cat on the High Seas, as we learn of Garfield’s pirate past! Also, Yehudi Mercado (Guardians of the Galaxy: Universal Weapon) draws Garfield in the Old West.

As much as I enjoy finding new series and characters to get into, I am totally ok with new content on stuff I loved as a child.  Some characters will just keep on going because of how endearing they have always been.  In the second part of Garfield: His 9 Lives, we get to see more of this beloved cat and continue to love him.

Moving through Garfield’s various reincarnations, we start off with his adventures sailing the Seven Seas as the fearsome pirate Orangebeard.  Then we move back onto land, trotting along with the tumbleweeds of the Wild West with..actually we don’t know this time.  He’s simply known as “The Stranger”, or Harry at one point for amusing reasons.

With our two new stories from Garfield’s past, the art for the most part stays pretty true to it’s classic feel.  The second story’s artist did have a slightly different style to the character designs, but you have no trouble knowing it’s Garfield.  No matter how much you could change the style, it’s really difficult to make him unrecognizable.

I was more than happy to see another issue of the lasagna vacuum himself.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Garfield, and most people at least know who he is and are fond of him.  Once again, a wholesome fun title for everyone to check out for the few issues it’s going for.

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