Future Quest Presents #3 Review

Future Quest Presents (2017-) #3

Future Quest Presents #3 moves fairly briskly, so here we go.  Metallus explains why he and his followers never left the mines by flying across the chasm.  They tried, but without their protective suits to hold them together their new energy forms soon dissipated, so they were stuck. However, Igoo, who was equally unable to cross, created a bridge to join Space Ghost’s party. Metallus uses this bridge to escape the mine and takes off in a hidden mining ship.


Space Ghost follows the ship to Voranova, the now dead planet that was home to the Space Force. Driven mad (well, even madder) by his spoiled revenge, Metallus draws on the energy of his people, killing them in the process, and attacks Space Ghost.  Our hero destroys the containment suit that maintained Metallus, who’s energy dispersed into the universe.


The pacing on this issue felt a little off, almost as if two issues got collapsed down to only one. On the other hand, I really wasn’t a fan of Metallus so I’m happy he’s gone. There’s nothing new to say about Parker and Olivetti’s wonderful work here, and I’m excited to see where they go now.  I have to rate this issue 3 out of 4, because of the odd pacing, but I still love the series as a whole.


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