Freelance Blues

Lance is just a working stiff trying to support his twin sisters. No job is too big or too small for him, he just wants a nice comfortable gig where he can earn a living and pay the bills. There is just one problem. Every job he takes seems to be a front for mad scientists, alien invaders, mummies, zombies, vampires and more. So what’s a working stiff to do but dish out a whole bunch of whoop ass on these pesky varmints.

Freelance Blues is a tongue in cheek comic that likes to skate the edge of satire. Actually, it likes to run head long into satire and dodge back before you know what happened. For anyone who likes humor and poking fun at the “monster killing” superhero, horror or fantasy genres, this comic will be a delight. For me it only had a couple of drawbacks, one it was black and white, sue me, it’s a turn off for me, and the art style is a bit cartoony. Again, this may appeal to many readers, especially in the comedy comic genre, but I do prefer a bit more realism. Had Freelance Blues been done in color, the over-the-top villains would have popped and the action sequences would have shown more movement.

That aside the writing it is funny, engaging, and acerbic. It shows the writer genuinely loves the genre that he is poking fun at. Freelance Blues is just an unabashed romp with Lance constantly running afoul of one evil baddie after another, resolving his problems with fists and feet in the spirit of Robert E. Howards memorable characters. This digital edition collects the entire run of the Freelance Blues comic. There is also an ongoing story that reveals why this keeps happening to Lance, that does not detract from the individual storylines.

For information on purchasing Freelance Blues, please visit their website: Freelance Blues or the publisher Alterna Comics


Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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