Free Comic Book Day: Fantasy Comics

Across the country, people flock to their favorite comic book shop(s) for the annual Free Comic Book Day: a day where retailers give away a number of fresh titles to customers in a combination of loyalty appreciation and to garner new readers/fans to titles they may have previously missed. I was at Fantasy Comics on 1st avenue in Tucson, AZ.  The day was relatively nice, weather-wise (about 78 degrees), so the folks waiting in line outside only had a  minor inconvenience. I was busy passing out flyers for the upcoming Tucson Comic Con, so I was unable to get myself to the back of the store.

What I did see was the skilled organization of a shop maximizing it’s efficiency for the customers. Folks were allowed in 10-20 at a time and directed, single file, to the back of the store where tables of the free titles were available. The line bypassed the front of the registers, so anyone who wanted to make purchases (and many of them did) were able to do so. On their way out, they were greeted by the person manning the door who would offer them bags to carry their new comics away. As if free comics weren’t enough, they also had Michael Steimle and Tim Champion on hand as artists doing sketches for the folks while they were in the store.

The way FCBD was handled for this store was quick, clean, and there was no crowding or rushing. Those who wanted to get in and out could and those who wanted to shop their favorite comic shop a bit more weren’t rushed out to make room for more people.

Fantasy should be a model for how to cleanly operate an otherwise hectic day reminiscent of the Stock Market floor.

It was a wonderful time, and I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to get a better view again like I used to.

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