Frankenstein Underground 2

Chased by his tormentors into the center of the earth, Frankenstein’s monster becomes prey for a different kind of creature.

Had I known that this was actually a direct offshoot of a previous Hellboy title, I’d probably have gone back and read it.  Even so, on it’s own Frankenstein Underground is shaping up to be a great title so far.  With such a well known character taking on a new approach, it’s hard not to be.

This next chapter starts off with a brief scene involving the mysterious man in France, showing more of his evil, twisted experiments.  We then jump right back to Frankenstein’s monster after his tumble deep below, where he finds himself fighting off against anything from a giant squid to some sort of ancient tribe of sorts.  Melding with flashbacks of some of his unfortunate past, as hard as he tries he eventually gets captured along with other humanoids being hauled off to an underground city.

Moving onto the next book, I’m still digging the style of artwork used here.  Something about it just fits, and the solid linework really holds up the visuals quite nicely.  The color work here had a lot more room to shine and took advantage of every chance to do so.  There was a lot more action here as well and it all looked fantastic.

I’m not sure how necessary if at all it is to have read the Hellboy title that spawned this one, but I’m enjoying this regardless.  There have been a number of ways the tale of Frankenstein have been told, but this is really unique.  I’m still interested enough to want to read on, especially with how this ended, and would say it’s a series worth following.

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